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About Our Consultants

Our Story


It was you can say magical the way we all came together, all with different interests, ideas, styles, but all with the same goal in mind - to share with you how to heal your body-mind-spirit by way of mindful eating, and holistic/integrative nutrition and wellness.


Some of us teach, some do private consulting for institutions, and others do one to one education and/or counseling.  This diversity is what makes us a real team, and a family of true friends who support eachother at all times, and allows for us to refer you to the appropriate professional to help you meet your own individual needs.


Please scroll down the page for a brief description of our services and contact information.

Open 8:00am to 5:00pm
Text, me, or call, me at 915-276-3715

Contact Information


Adriana Rascon, PhD(C), MS, RDN/LD, C.H.E.S (915) 276-3715

(Now taking new patients)

Registered/Licensed Dietitian

Certified Health Educator Specialist

Nutrition College Instructor

Nutrition and Health Promotion Dietitian Nutritionist Consultant


Leticia Diaz, B.S. 915-346-5231



Valeria Orpinel, B.S., RD 915-504-9131

(currently not taking new clients/contracts)


Imelda Polo, M.S. 915-351-0741

(currently not taking new clients/contracts)

Closed for Lunch
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