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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Meet Adriana Founder of Mindful Eating Adriana and El Paso Nutrition Consultants, LLC  
Hello! My passion at the moment resides in sharing with you what I have learned about mindful eating, which in essence is all about experiencing the senses while planning, preparing and tasting meals, making this- a blissful healing experience...


                                                           Just Believe!

Recipes & Tips 


Throughout my website you will find a blog and other tools to help you awaken your own creative consciousness to connect with MOTHER NATURE for healthy eating, which will make you feel alive, energetic, and most importantly, happy and at peace with yourself and those around you! ... 


Healthy salad
El Paso Nutrition Consultants, LLC


Consultants are at your service for a variety of services, please check the About Us Consultants section.  

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